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Current info:
All tickets available

Further info on Tickets for 2019:
1.) Entrance at the door will not be restricted to a women/men-ratio if a ticket category is not yet sold out.
2.) Control of Woman / Man ratio will be done as far as possible in presales

Information for groups and danceschools:
Groups from 8 persons and above do get group discounts – contact us. If you have a dance school we look forward to cooperate with you so you can get special prices for your students!

Single Dancers: Don’t hesitate to take part without dance partner! You will meet many new friends and in many workshops the dance partners are being changed. But of course if you have a dancepartner and don’t want to change it’s not a must!

Our Prices – the earlier the better!

at the door
Tickets kaufen
Full Sensual Pass – Men or Women
(incl. Beginners Bootcamp)
99€ 109€ 119€ 139€ 149€ 159 € 169 € 179€ Tickets
Tages Pass Samstag  – Men or Women 89€ 89€ 99€ 109€ 119€ 129€ 139€ 149€ Tickets
Tages Pass Sunday – Men or Women 89€ 89€ 89€ 89€ 89€ 99€ 109€ 119€ Tickets
Party Pass & Social Dance Pass (Fr/Sa/So)
– Men or Women
 65€  70€  75€  80€ Tickets
Party Pass – Men or Women 45€ 50€  55€ 60€ Tickets
Samstag Gala Night 30€ available at the door
Freitag Party – from 21:30h 25€ available at the door
Freitag Party inkl. Freitag workshops 50€ available at the door
Sunday Party 10€ available at the door
Social Dance only Saturday OR Sunday  15€ available at the door

How does the purchase process work?

  1. Choose the ticket you want to purchase and you will be guided to an external site to complete your ticket purchase.
  2. Add the items / tickets you want into the cart
  3. Once you hace selected your items go to the cart and continue the process
  4. Select Print@home or print as hard ticket
  5. Add your personal data
  6. On the next page you will see an overview of your order
  7.  In the field REDEEM you can enter your PROMOCODE if available
  8.  Select your preferred payment method and complete the payment of your order
  9. Please print out your ticket and bring it with you to get your wrist band at the event
  10. The Tickets are personalized – we will need the name of further participants in a separate email
  11. If you have a PromoCode please wait until we check and confirm the price to you. If you know your discount you can transfer directly

Get your ticket for the best price! 

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